16 of the best pet names people have ever heard

From Bun Jovi to Emily Chickenson, what a list this is.

What are the most creative pet names? (Jens Meyer/AP)
What are the most creative pet names? (Jens Meyer/AP)

It might not be the most important question in the world, but it has produced some hilarious answers: “What’s the best name for a pet you’ve ever heard?”

That’s the question Reddit user Rumplemoveskins asked users of the forum-based website, so without further ado here are 16 of the best names for dogs, cats, chickens and even a snake.

1. Kicking things off, this very literal pairing.

“My gym teacher, Mr. Mann, named his dog ‘Mr. Dogg’” – MaishaKuhn

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2, 3 and 4. These marvellous rabbit names.

5. Smol tortoise.

“Small tortoise named Snooze Button.” – HawaiianShirtsOR

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6. Lord of the check-ins is up next.

7. How about this absolutely genius snake name?

“Al Dente for a snake. It’s spaghetti with a little bite.” – Magical_Gravy

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8. Keep an eye out for this ferret at parades when he SHOULD BE AT SCHOOL.

“We just got an office fish at my job and created a poll to name him. One of the names that is taking the lead is Feesh” – RinebooDersh

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10. This chicken’s a poet and it didn’t even know it.

11. Pasta the cat, not to be confused with your friend and mine, Al Dente the snake.

“We had a cat named Pasta. She was kind of weird so it fit.” – vsapp7

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12 and 13. Some excellent scientific punnery at work here.

14 and 15. Kat and doug… cat and dog…

“Had a cat named katherine, or kat for short. And a dog named Doug…. Doug and kat my dog and cat.” – VanDriver85

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